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Jessica. 4'10". 28 years old. Asheville, NC. Spartan & Tough Mudder. Hiking, kickboxing, trail running, lifting weights, spinning, circuit training.

SW: 185 lbs
over 40% body fat
CW: 120-122 lbs
20% body fat

Instagram: t1nyvessels
Facebook Fanpage: Jessica Lyn
MyFitnessPal: tinyvesselsmakesgains

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  1. americano-vibes answered: No! You should go to Creature’s Cafe for a drink!
  2. caitlinbyrd answered: Not when it’s Nine Mile. I am a sucker for their Soon Come!
  3. histrionicramblings answered: 50% of my thoughts revolve around food too. Then equal percents clothing and sex. And then things like money and the future. PRIORITIES!
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