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Jessica. 4'10". 28 years old. Asheville, NC. Spartan & Tough Mudder. Hiking, kickboxing, trail running, lifting weights, spinning, circuit training.

SW: 185 lbs
over 40% body fat
CW: 120-122 lbs
20% body fat

Instagram: t1nyvessels
Facebook Fanpage: Jessica Lyn
MyFitnessPal: tinyvesselsmakesgains

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sailbows asked
How did your change your diet when you started your weightloss journey? I am really motivated by what you have accomplished (my current weight/height are the same as yours were from your halloween before/after post) I just don't know how to start or what the hell to eat...

You are just a cutie! I am flattered, thank you :) What I eat now has changed a lot from the beginning of my journey, I wonder if this happens with most people? I have incorporated poultry into my diet (before I was just eating fish and meat substitutes) and eat a lot more fruits and veggies now. I just started trying a lot of new, healthier things and experimenting with healthy recipes (most of which I’ve found on Tumblr). At the very beginning, I basically just started counting calories and gave myself a 1200 calorie a day limit. 1200 calories is not very much AT ALL, so of course my portions were cut down tremendously. I stopped drinking my calories, too. Just water and unsweetened tea. I ate a lot of (and still do from time-to-time) Amy’s Organic frozen meals, because they are all generally around 300-400 calories and are the proper portion size, plus they do not have any added junk. It’s really important to read labels…if the majority of the ingredients are synthetic and you don’t really know what the hell they are, you probably want to stay away from it. This is a trap I fell into for a short period of time. There are a lot of packaged foods that seem healthy because of how they are labeled, but in reality they are crap. The fresher you can eat, the better. I find it easier to make small trips to the grocery store a couple times a week to replenish your fruits and veggies. I’m not too sure what you are eating now, so it’s hard for me to say how you should change it. Stay away from fast food as much as possible. Experiment with quick, healthy meals you can make at home. Tumblr has endless resources, I honestly rarely look anywhere but here for recipe/workout ideas. And of course, the more you exercise, the more you can eat! I used to eat a lot of fried food, and now I can’t really stand it. I found you can bake a lot of things and they taste just as good…so I started baking chicken nuggets and making baked veggie fries with sweet potatoes and Panko/whole wheat bread crumbs w/ zucchini, avocado, etc. Greek yogurt is also an amazing substitute for many things. I feel like I’m rambling and am going all over the place, but it’s really hard for me to recommend meals because I’m not sure what you like! I just really suggest experimenting and sticking with the things you like. I made a list of my favorite dinners and stuck it on my calendar so I never run out of ideas :)

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