The mountains are calling, and i must go

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Jessica, y'all.

SW: 185 lbs
over 40% body fat
CW: 123-125 lbs
20% body fat
UGW: 110 lbs HEALTHY & FIT

I am a 4'10" 27-year-old southern belle living in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains: Asheville, North Carolina. I find beauty in simplicity. I have 3 dogs (Yoda, Oliver, Dallas), 1 cat (Gibson), and 10 chickens (Ladybird, Buckbeak, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fleur, Dolly Parton, Miss Audrey Williams, Dixie, Jolene, Lucy & Ethel).

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I lost 55 lbs between December 2011 and December 2012 through exercise and healthy eating and am currently working on burning off the little bit of fat I have left and building more muscle. I love hiking, kickboxing, turbo kick, lifting weights, and tabata/athletic conditioning/circuit training. In 2014 I will be completing my Spartan Trifecta. Races I have conquered thus far: Hero Rush, Run for Your Lives, Charlotte Spartan Sprint, Mont Tremblant Super Spartan, Tough Mudder Carolinas.

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So I got a package in the mail the other day from the lovely Jessica, and if I could be in love with a piece of jewelry, this would be it, y’all!

She has lost over 50 lbs herself and is such an inspiration!! Click on her name to go follow her…she’s awesome!!

I am just so flattered that she thought of me…not only is this necklace SO ME, but it’s by Betsey Johnson who I happen to LOVE! I was so excited about it and didn’t even realize until later that evening that IT IS A LOCKET AND THERE IS A FREAKING LITTLE TINY ADORABLE CHICKEN IN IT!!! She also included coco-nutty soap that smells so so good, and the sweetest card. Thank you so much, Jessica!! You rock!<333

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